Work-From-Home Survey Responses

Woman working from home types on a laptop while sitting on the floor against her couch

We asked you how you work from home. Here’s what you said.

9. How can your team help you right now?

Selected responses

I get a bulk of my work done when the cats are napping. Otherwise, they’re all over the table 🙂

Just reach out to call or IM to say hello. I miss people!

I have worked from home for three years as a full-time freelance writer and editor. COVID19 has not changed much for me in relation to work. I recently had my first conference call where the client requested we all use video. I am not used to that. Had to wash my hair and slap on some lipstick. The worst part was just worrying about how I looked–whether my resting b*tch face would make an appearance and override my verbal expressions of goodwill, comprehension, etc. Amazing how unproductive that is, and how it undermines my confidence. I am good at what I do. It’s sad that as soon as I have to show my face, I feel at a disadvantage. It’s 2020, but women are still not able to show up without makeup, without a smile, without all the b.s. that men have always had permission to ignore. Maybe next time I will just leave my hair in a messy bun, eschew the makeup, and see how it goes. I will, however, get out of my PJs. 🙂

Remember that I’m in a different time zone than most everyone else on the team, so no crack of dawn meetings.

I always work at home anyway, but having to be home and my current living situation are making it hard to focus and get anything done.

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