Convert PowerPoint Lessons into Google Slides for Online Teaching


In the new world of remote learning, Google Slides outshines PowerPoint with its ability to present lessons in new, easy, and exciting ways.

To demonstrate what’s possible, we’ve made a Google Slides presentation that explains how to turn PowerPoint lessons built for the traditional classroom into dynamic presentations teachers and company training departments can give online.

Benefits of Google Slides

Google Slides improves on PowerPoint by making it easy to embed slide shows into websites. The assets are technically stored in Google Drive rather than on your website. This approach is fast, safe, and inexpensive. Editing a presentation in Google Drive automatically cascades the changes everywhere the slide appears online. This makes upkeep so much easier.

In addition, presenting Google Slides includes a built-in Q&A feature so the audience can ask questions in real time. Audience members can even upvote each other’s questions to highlight the topics that need more explanation.

PowerPoint Conversion

Advance the slides manually by clicking the slide or the advance button (>). Click the play button (▷) to advance the slides automatically every 10 seconds, like a video.

If you like what you see, there are several ways ProEdit can help you migrate your PowerPoint lessons into Google Slides:

  • Consult with our instructional designers to customize a complete conversion plan.
  • Create a training curriculum to teach your teachers how to convert their lessons.
  • Hire a contractor to join your team while you migrate your lessons.
  • Send us your slides, and we’ll convert, format, and proofread them for you.