Convert PowerPoint Lessons into Google Slides for Online Teaching


The rapid global shift to remote learning has changed how teachers deliver lessons built for the traditional classroom. Dynamic presentations are replacing in-person engagement and collaboration. Educators often rely on one of two leading presentation software options: PowerPoint and Google Slides.

While the reliability and familiarity of PowerPoint’s features make it an intuitive system for presentations, Google Slides leads the charge in collaborative, cloud-based information sharing. This doesn’t mean you need to trash all of your saved PowerPoint presentations and start over—you can migrate your lessons into Google Slides. 

To demonstrate what’s possible, we’ve made a Google Slides presentation that explains how to import or convert your PowerPoint content into Google Slides. 

Benefits of Google Slides

Google Slides gives users the ability to access content from any browser and any device. Slides can even be viewed offline in the event of low connectivity. It’s easy to embed content into slides (and slideshows into websites), and all data and assets are saved on cloud-based Google Drive storage. You can easily restore previous versions of your content through a history review. 

Seamless collaboration is the primary goal of Google Slides. Team members can chat, comment, and make edits in real-time, keeping everyone on the same version of Slides. Students can access built-in Q&A features to ask questions and highlight topics that need further explanation. This also allows teachers to check on their student’s progress with the view and comment features. 

Finally, Google Slides extensions and add-ons unlock new avenues for interactive engagement to enhance distance learning. You can add a personal touch with BitMoji, include interactive questions with PearDeck, allow students to dictate text with Voice in Voice Typing, and so much more.

PowerPoint to Google Slides Conversion

Advance the slides manually by clicking the slide or the advance button (>). For a video-like playthrough, click the play button (▷) to automatically advance the slides every 10 seconds.

Like what you see but you’re not sure where to start? There are several ways ProEdit can help you migrate PowerPoint lessons into Google slides:

  • Consult with our instructional designers to customize a complete conversion plan.
  • Create a training curriculum to teach your teachers how to convert their lessons.
  • Hire a contractor to join your team while you migrate your lessons.
  • Send us your slides, and we’ll convert, format, and proofread them for you.
  • Start fresh with custom e-learning materials.