Buffini & Company: Proofreading

Provide ongoing proofreading services for items of value—marketing documents that provide valuable insights for professionals in the real estate industry.


BILT by Agassi and Reyes: Technical Writing

Develop user manuals for 12 pieces of exercise equipment, including creating a template, writing step-by-step instructions, and generating line drawings from CAD files for each machine.

M*Modal: Technical Writer Contracting

The company, which develops dictation software for the medical industry, needed a full-time technical writer in Pittsburg and a contract technical writer in Norcross, Georgia.

Envoy Medical: Elearning

The St. Paul-based hearing device company needed a course developed to train their audiologists on the Esteem® cochlear implant product.

Fast Forward Academy: Editing and Proofreading

Edit the IRS Enrolled Agent Exam Study Guide—a  380-page document that is updated annually to provide IRS enrolled agents with all the necessary information on the current year’s tax code, allowing them to accurately and effectively assist people with their tax returns.

Instructional Design

Tips for Getting into the Instructional Design Field

Interested in getting into the instructional design field? Check out these two articles from The eLearning Coach on the qualities associated with the ideal instructional designer: 10 Qualities of the Ideal Instructional Designer 35 More Qualities of the Ideal Instructional Designer