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Articulate® Storyline 360 is an elearning authoring application that is easy to learn, yet capable of producing complex presentations. Storyline uses a slide-based approach for creating content. Users organize information on slides and customize features that make the slides interactive and dynamic.

Some of my favorite features of Storyline include its intuitive interface, varied options for interactive content and assessments, and diverse publishing options.

Articulate® Storyline 360 Features

Intuitive Interface

Storyline 360 uses an intuitive interface to create content, so no special training is needed to use the software. Because I was familiar with the widely used presentation software Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Storyline 360 felt comfortable, and I was able to hit the ground running. I immediately started building the elearning course in slide form, using a variety of simple tools. I liked that there was a wide selection of templates to get started and to quickly organize the course material. Advanced options for slide format customization are also available.

Interactive Content

Though it’s organized around slides, Storyline 360 doesn’t just produce static slideshows. I was able to use slide actions, states, and triggers to animate the information to create engaging, interactive course content.

Toolbars and menus present straightforward options for animating slides. It is simple to make information appear and change in response to set cues or participant actions, such as highlighting material that they have already viewed. Variables can be set to remember participant actions and change the flow of the course in response—for example, reinforcing information missed on assessments.

I enjoyed using the wide selection of illustrated and photorealistic characters to make my content more personal. Characters have different gestures and emotions, and they represent a wide array of demographics. Additional character packs are also available for download.

Assessment Tools

Creating assessments is similar to creating slides. Like the templates, I enjoyed starting with the twenty standard question types included, then customizing questions to best suit the material. Any object on the slide could be used to build a question, and the program keeps track of participant performance.

Publishing Options

The content generated is SCORM- and AICC-compliant, so it can be imported into an LMS without compatibility issues. Storyline 360 allows users to publish to multiple formats with a single click. Training material is available through Flash, iOS, and HTML5 without making changes for compatibility.

One of the most beneficial features for us is the variety of options for participants. Participants can access the course at their convenience on any device—their desktops, laptops, Apple devices, and Android devices.

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