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In our previous article series, we explored different LMSs in today’s market and took a closer look at the role they play in helping businesses design and conduct corporate training and education initiatives.

Companies are filling LMSs with online, self-paced curricula in the form of elearning, which is quickly becoming a popular and effective way for training departments to educate employees. These articles examine some of the instructional design elearning tools available today and explore how organizational leaders can use these programs to customize online training for internal and external audiences.

Articulate Studio Tools

Articulate Studio is a software suite of elearning authoring tools – Presenter, Quizmaker, Engage, and Video Encoder – that helps trainers create interactive courses and assessments.

Features & Benefits

Presenter is the backbone of the studio package and offers a variety of unique ways to turn flat presentations into engaging courses. Integrated seamlessly into PowerPoint, this program features a distinctive interface with a wide range of customizable assets for developing effective elearning courses.

With Presenter, users can:

  • Easily record and synchronize narration with presentations
  • Publish courses for the Web, Articulate online, an LMS, a CD, Word, or an audio podcast
  • Adjust the navigation and layout of the player panel and update colors, fonts, and logo to ensure consistency with company brand standards
  • Organize courses with simple or multi-level branching options

Quizmaker offers a wide range of ways to assess audiences through graded quizzes and surveys. Options include multiple-choice, true/false, and Likert questions. Participants can also be tested with a graphics-based hot spot interaction.

Engage features a range of interactions to enhance the elearning experience, including timelines, pyramid diagrams, labeled graphics, interactive FAQs, and more. Users can quickly insert and sync audio, as well as customize the text and colors – all in an easy-to-use interface that doesn’t require coding experience.

Video Encoder allows users to enrich elearning modules with media by converting practically any video into a Flash format. Developers can trim videos at the beginning and end to pinpoint the exact clip they need, and they can also adjust the size of the video frame to highlight key areas on the screen.

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