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Lectora® is a suite of elearning authoring tools – Inspire, Publisher, Online, Integrator, and Snap! – offered from Trivantis.

Lectora® Inspire allows users to build elearning courses through flash content creation, screen-capture functionality, recording capabilities, and more. The program also includes built-in resources, like wizards and templates. to make developing courses fast and easy, and users can also import multimedia and assessments to make learning modules more dynamic.

Lectora® Publisher features a familiar Windows® environment embedded in an easy-to-use interface to allow users to develop unique elearning courses. With this program, users can publish elearning straight to the web, as well as to several different mobile and tablet devices.

Lectora® Online allows multiple users to create a single elearning course by allowing online development, storage, and management. Developers can access the content anywhere in the world, as long as they have a common Web browser and Internet connection. Easy-to-use version-control functionality ensures that users can revert back to unlimited previously saved versions, and project sign-off capabilities make it easy for supervisors to review and approve content.

Lectora® Integrator is a legacy product that made it easy to transfer storyboards and content from other programs. Users could also transform static Microsoft® PowerPoint presentations or individual slides into dynamic elearning through Lectora®.

Snap! by Lectora® is another legacy product. It was marketed as a more affordable rapid elearning development software. The program allowed users to import HD YouTube videos, easily embed video narration, and quickly select multiple slides to make global changes.

Most Lectora® products are available in English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, and Mandarin Chinese.

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