Work From Home Infographic

Work From Home Survey Data & What It Means

To investigate the benefits of letting employees work from home, PwC published a Consumer Intelligence Series document titled “Work-life 3.0: Understanding How We’ll Work Next.” Here are some key figures that validate ProEdit’s decision to work from home.

We Traded In Our Office for Productivity

All ProEdit employees work from home now. For a company that’s had an office for decades, “going virtual” is a major shift in how we do business. The benefits have been immediate.

Gardening for Entrepreneurs Terraform

Gardening for Entrepreneurs

I love growing things. It really doesn’t matter whether I’m pruning a tomato plant on my deck or figuring out next year’s business strategy for ProEdit. As long as whatever I’m working on is growing and thriving, then all is right with the world. I’ve come to believe that gardening and entrepreneurship actually have a …

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