The Secret Life of the Ampersand

Did you know that the English language and the Chinese language have a commonality? The Chinese language is represented by characters, or logograms, which are symbols that represent whole words. The English language’s unofficial 27th character is a logogram, and it’s called the ampersand. The ampersand is a symbol that represents the word and. This …

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chopping block

Chop Up Those Sentences

Want to make your writing easier to digest? Make your text more accessible and engaging by chopping up long sentences. Long sentences usually contain numerous ideas. Even the grammatically correct ones can be too complex to hold a reader’s attention all the way through. If you break them up so that only one or two ideas …

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Writing and Editing

Don’t Edit While You Write

Don’t edit while you write! This sounds like quite a simple editing tip, but it’s one that can make a huge impact on your writing efficiency and even quality if you can master it. Basically, stop second-guessing yourself or thinking about the end product as you write. Just put the words on the page. You …

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[EDITING] Translations gone wild!

When translation projects go poorly, what follows can rapidly bust a brand. But it’s not just small companies that look on in shock as they watch their translated ad pieces derail, crash, and burn. Even large companies with vast advertising budgets manage to get it all fouled up sometimes. Here are some examples: When Braniff …

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Most Common Errors Editors Find

7 Most Common Errors Found by Editors

The English language seems to have an exception for every rule, and that makes it difficult to edit documents and make them seamless. In addition, each style guide has different rules, which can make editing confusing and daunting. It is extremely important to make editing a part of your process to maintain credibility and professionalism. …

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